BCM Database on central SQL server?



Hi! Our company runs SBS2003 server, clients have Office 2007 SB, includes
also BCM.
I wanted to have a centralized database on our server as client computers
are either not always on or are not present (notebooks) to share the DB.
Besides, do not want to waste one Office license to run BCM "server" on one
additional station.
I have found the "Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Database Tool"
provided by MS as free download. Promises to create a centralized database on
servers where Outlook/BCM are not installed. I have also installed "SQL 2005
Express SP2" on my SBS2003 and made sure my .NET environment is more recent
then requested by the "Database Tool" installation program. It is 3.5 SP1 now.
After running the "Database Tools" and creating the database I also added
On client computers however attempts to connect to the database remain
unsuccessful. The Wizard claims there was no valid BCM database present on
the selected server.
Have tried to work around by simply detaching the database created on one of
client's PCs and moving it to SBS2003 server and manually attaching it there.
Suddenly the BCM DB Wizard on client computer found it but not even the
creator could manage the database (like change client permission list, like
who can connect and who not). Even if result was not useful, it has proven
the SQL2005Xpress server to be visible and properly configured?
As it appears, the "Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Database Tool"
does not create a database, that would be recognized by my version of BCM as
a valid database.
Is there any workaround? Update? Fix? Pls help!




I've just installed BCM on my SBS 2003 server with no Outlook or BCM
installed and it works just fine. I found that if you do not type the exact
correct infromation for the server name it will return that error. When you
finished installing and configuring the BCM DB Tool it should have brought
up an html page with the instructions on how to connect to the server and
database as well as the correct server and database instance name.


Meanwhile I discovered the reason for my problems: my BCM is not in English!
And the DB tool supports English BCM only.
Another good test that passed OK: English BCM can be installed on
non-English Outlook 2007 and seems to work fine.
But for ease of use for my fellows here in the office, I'd rather see a hint
how to have a centralized SQL BCM DB for non-English users. I can't imagine
this solution would be exclusive to English speaking world!
Unfortunatelly I am not really expert in SQL DB handling. So I'd really need
a step-by-step instruction.



I too tried to setup a french-speaking BCM on a server and the solution I
found was to install a XP VM with Outlook+BCM on Hyper-V. I guess you could
do the same with Virtual Server.



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