Backup files *.bkf



I backup files to the hard disk with Windows XP.
If I look at their properties there is no .bkf extension.
If I look in DOS there is no .bkf extension. Type
is 'File'
If I browse for them in Restore I have to set 'All Files'
to see them.
If I try to Catalog the root file in Restore it SAYS
there are no backups in the folder that I know has them.

What is going on?
Oct 8, 2005
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Did you ever solve the problem?


The same problem that you described occurred with my machine the same way, and it about drove me crazy trying to solve the problem. Every time I tried to defragment, I still I got the report that \RECYCLER\NPROTECT\00075304.bkf could not be defragged, and I couldn't locate the *.bkf file with the Search function in XP. Finally, I uninstalled and reinstalled Norton Utilities, right-clicked on the Protected Bin, and chose Empty Norton Preotected Files, which took me to a screen giving me the choice of of Purging All Files, which I did. Miraculously, when I opened the System Defragger, that huge backup file was gone!

I noticed that you posted all over to different groups, so you must have had a heck of a time of it. As for me, if this action hadn't worked, I was going to reformat the whole PC.

Best wishes--


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