NTbackup - Restores wrong set?


Gary Leighton

I'm using Windows XP Pro and I have an incremental backup on an external hard
disk. I've tried to restore from it but the only otion given is to restore
from the oldest backup set.

When I open the bkf using the NTBackup utility, it does not seem to
recognise the latest two backup sets (of 3 I think).

Any ideas how I can restore the latest set?

Note that I have a demo version of a BKF recovery program that does seem to
recognise the hidden sets, but it costs quite a lot to buy it and I guess
there is no guarantee it can actually restore the data.


An old post, perhaps you've solved it, but anyway you need to restore the
whole lot to a temporary folder, then extract what you want.

BTW, let this be a salutary lesson on the hidden dangers of using
special-format backups. For disk-to-disk backup anyway, I would always advise
the use of systems which backup in a 'visible' file format.

Cobian Backup and Lazy Mirror are recommended.
Jun 13, 2012
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