Autotext in 2007


Barb Meek

I have Word 2003 on one computer and just got a new computer with Office 2007
installed on it. All of the work I have in my, including autotext
entries, are still on the old PC. I would like to retrieve all of the
settings on my plus all of the autotext entries which include text
and artwork. Can anyone help? Just to clarify, I did not UPgrade to Word
2007 from 2003, I have a new PC with Word 2007 on it. I still have access to
the old PC with Word 2003 on it. Thank you!

Barb Meek

I need a little more help to locate the Word 2007 startup folder, Graham. I
went to Program Files/Microsoft Office and found three folders (Office 10,
OFFICE 11 and Office 12), two of them with Startup folders. Any clue which
one would be relevant? Thanks in advance...Barb

Jay Freedman

Although the Startup folder in the Program Files path will probably work for
just the AutoText entries, it would be better to use the one in your
profile. Although it's a hidden folder, you can get there by entering this
into the address field of Windows Explorer:


Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so
all may benefit.

Barb Meek

Thanks to Jay and Suzanne! Both of these methods seemed to work. With my
former "" renamed to "2003," all of my macros and
autotext were available automatically when I opened a new blank document with
no further action from me. This was great, since my was almost 5

All the best, Barb Meek

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