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When I enter a new AutoText in Word it works at first. But if I close Word
and re-open Word, the new AutoText that I created has disappeared. Also, I
went to the location of Normal.dot and saw that it has not been
modified/changed since 3/1/2007. The foregoing leads me to believe that
Normal.dot has become corrupt. I tried upgrading to the latest Office service
pack and also running the "repair office" wizard from the Office CD ---
neither of these techniques solved my problem. The only option I am aware of
is to delete Normal.dot and let Office re-create Normal.dot when I re-open
Word. However, if I do that, I'll loose all of the AutoText entries that were
saved up until 3/1/2007. Is there any way to replace the corrupt Normal.dot
file, yet not loose my existing AutoText?


The Acrobat addin can cause some changes not to be saved to the Normal.dot,
such as new Autotext/toolbar/menu entries, etc.
If you do have Acrobat then have a look at this webpage, especially the
section on Add/Remove Program, Modify. I had similar problems with Customise
and Autotext/toolbar/menu, doing the following solved the problem but I also
found that if you do the instructions and then reboot, Open and close word,
then reverse the Modify instructions, the Acrobat functions return without
the clashes with saving Customise and Autotext/toolbar/menu.
Hope this helps

Graham Mayor

Rename the normal template to normal.old. That will allow Word to make a new
one. Then use the Organizer ALT+F8 > Organizer to copy the autotexts you
want to keep from the old template to the new one.

You then need to see what is preventing Word from saving the normal tempate.
Add-ins are often to blame - especially the earlier releases of Acrobat 7.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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