automatic update service question



In our organization Automatic Updates are disabled by GPO (and indeed in
Security Center the option is disabled and greyed out) ,however Automatic
Updates service is "automatic" and is in running state. Moreover, many users
recieve crypt32 errors in event viewer about failed update retrieval -
something that shouldn't happen as the updates shouldn't be retrieved in the
first place. How to disable this Auto Update service and stop crypt32 errors
from appearing?


Automatic Updates *settings* are greyed out but the AU service is still
running ... they are different entities.

1) WHY does the AU service need to be disabled ?
2) From which LOCATION are the systems being updated from ?

crypt32 errors are thrown by the Cryptographic service, not from AU, and
are usually caused by corruption in the Catroot2 subfolder that stems
from security software (antivirus, etc) or malware.

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Never Forgotten
"Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked

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