Automatic Slide Transition AFTER an Animation




I have created a slide master with a shape at the top which I want to remain
on screen throughout the presentation. I also want my bullet pointed text to
remain on screen until I am ready to go on to the next slide where upon the
text would fade out but the shape would remain...

At the moment the text appears bullet point by bullet point on a mouse
click. Then I set a custom animation to fade the text out on a click...
Problem is that I need a second click to advance to the next slide.

Is it possible to get PPT to jump to the next slide automatically following
the end of a custom animation?

I read another thread that seemed to be similar to what I am asking but the
answer didn't help.

Thanks in advance!


Bill Dilworth

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is also no, but it doesn't look like no. Confused?

There is no animation that will start a slide advance, but there is a slide
advance that can start an animation. Seeing as how both of these are
triggered using the same controls, you can fool people into thinking they
are doing one, while actually doing the other. The key is in exact

So, slide 1 is the slide that has the bullet points that you bring in. All
but the last point should be on this slide.
Slide 2 has an exact copy of slide 1, plus the last bullet point.

On slide 2, set the animations to --
Last bullet point
Advance after previous - Entrance - Wipe - Medium

The first Slide 1 element
Advance after previous - Exit - Fade - Medium

The rest of the elements from Slide 1 and the last bullet point
Advance with previous - Exit - Fade - Medium

Bill Dilworth
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