My employer has moved our data storage to a "state of the art" facility in
some other state. When I log into work through a VPN I get logged into any
one of a number of servers. When this change took place a month ago all of
my (numerous) AutoCorrect entries were lost, and the entries I create now
rarely stick. IT is supposedly working on figuring this out, but it's very
low on their list of priorities, and the loss of AutoCorrect is very high on
my list of frustrations! Is there a way I can redirect where my Autocorrect
entries are saved, such as my local computer or my personal folder on my
employer's network? I have tried and tried and tried to figure out where
they are going currently, and I can't find them. I even found MSO1033 (?)
and it doesn't appear to have been accessed for over a year and a half,
although I have edited AutoCorrect every day for almost two years.



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