Restoring Autocorrect?



I type for a living and have a huge autocorrect dictionary (nearly 7,000
entries). Recently, someone installed a new version of Word onto my XP 2000
computer (Word version 2000, from 97) and the standard dictionary overwrote
the custom one I need for work (so it doesn't work on Word).
HOWEVER, my original autocorrect entries still work in Excel 97! So I know
my custom dictionary must still be here somewhere, but I can't find the ACL

Is there any way to either a) replace Word's current autocorrect dictionary
with the one that my older version of Excel is using, or b) Convert a text
file of my autocorrect dictionary (which I have) into an ACL file/add that to
Word 2000's dictionary?

Thank you, any help would be appreciated!


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