Auto config LAN settings through Group Policy



Using Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP Pro machines, IE6 /IE7 environments:

Can someone please let me know the right combination of Group Policy
settings to: check the Automatically detect settings option under LAN

We have an ISA server running, and want our laptop users to go out through
it when in the office, but not get an error when they are roaming.

I can find the setting to enable/disable changing these settings manually,
but no way to "check" the Auto detect option through GP.

Using Regmon, I can capture a number of settings when I manually change
them, but can't quite pinpoint which one is actually "changed".

Any help is appreciated.


I am also looking for the exact same solution with no luck. Need to push out
a Group Policy that enables the checkmark to "automatically detect settings"
LAN Settings.

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