Configuring Auto Detect Settings in IE using GPO



I have created a GPO with the following settings:

In the Internet Explorer Maintenance area:

User Configuration – Windows Settings – Internet Explorer Maintenance
“Automatically detect configuration settingsâ€- Enabled
“Automatic Browser Configuration†– Not configured

Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – System/Group Policy
“Internet Explorer Maintenance policy processing†– Enabled
“Allow processing across a slow network connection†– Enabled
“Do not apply during periodic background processingâ€- Disabled
“Process even if the Group Policy objects have not changedâ€- Enabled

I have verified that the policy is applied to several workstations, however,
I can't get the check box to show at Internet Options --> Connections --> Lan
Settings --> "Automatically detect settings".

Can anyone explain why?

Jon Kennedy

Check this registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control

To disable the Automatically Detect Settings check box, set the value of
this DWORD to 1.
(Enable = 0)

Do you have a GPO that doesn't permit access to the Connections tab in
Internet Options?


I found my problem. Even though the GPO showed listed in the workstations
applied policies, the IE settings did not follow. I was able to locate a KB
article ( that explained
how "Preference Mode" was necessary in order to force these changes to become

Everything now appears to be working.

Jon Kennedy

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't know "preference mode" would affect this

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