Set IE 6 as default browser through GPO




I need to ensure that IE is the default browser for all users. We work in a
Citrix environment and some applications like Lotus Notes will change the
default browser for users and mess up the opening of url links.

How can I force IE to be set as the default browser via GPO every time they
log in?

I know in "Group Policy ==>User Configuration==>Windows Settings==>Internet
Explorer Maintenance ==> Programs" default programs can be set but this does
not set the default browser but rather email client, HTML Editor etc. I'm not
sure if this will force IE to be the default browser.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks


Thank you for taking the time to respond Jon but I already knew there wasnt a
GPO out of the box to do this and access setting the default application
settings isnt what I was looking for.

Changing the default browser actually makes extensive registry modifications
by changing the association of every possible web extension you can think of
in at least 2 places if not more, this leaves a lot of room for error.

Is there an ADM file someone might have created or script that might change
the default browser on log in?

I want to try to avaoid using the IEAK as well.


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