audio glitch at transition points with DV-AVI



I created a movie with an audio track and while all looked and sounded
great in the preview, I could hear an *almost* imperceptible chop in
the sound at each scene transition point when I viewed the rendered
DV-AVI file. I re-tried the rendering using high-quality WMV and there
were *no* glitches in the audio.

Any clues??

I am running a P4-3GHz - 512MB Ram - and rendering to a freshly
formatted 100GB drive.

What is the quality difference in the final product between WMV and
DV-AVI. These are just home movies, not feature films. Will it make a
difference if I go with the WMV? The DVD authoring program I have is
WinDVD Creator2 (Intervideo) and it seems to accept WMV files as input,
but I haven't messed with it yet.


Graham Hughes

What audio file type did you use? This is a common problem where people have
used MP3's and can often be removed by changing the audio to wma. If not,
sometimes it can be a fiddly job of actually removing the odd frame where
the audio pops.
Saving to dv-avi is best, because then you only convert the movie once. By
making a wmv you compress once, then when you make the dvd (mpeg2) you
compress again. This will result in lower quality, but it may be good enough
for your needs, try it and see.

Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media
Laird of Glencairn


Yep it was an MP3 track. I will try it with WMA. Does going with the
much larger WAV file have any appreciable benefit or detriment to this
kind of personal/amateur application?

I'd like to stick to dv-avi, to ensure quality but the file size
reduction is pretty appealing for storing video on the drive. I will
first figure out how to burn a dvd and then compare the wmv with the
dv-avi to compare.


As an update to this issue, I tried three flavours of WMA (lossless,
variable bit rate and standard), and WAV audio, but they all still
resulted in the same audio glitch at every transition point when I
rendered to dv-avi.

I found the solution on another site (and misplaced the link :( ) but
the solution was relatively simple and is as follows:

Prepare the video completely in MM2 and then right click on the music
track and *cut* it to the clipboard. Render the video (now without any
soundtrack) to dv-avi. Then create a new project using the single
dv-avi you just created. Right click on the audio track and *paste* in
the audio from the clipboard. Then render a new dv-avi video. This
results in no quality loss and nice smooth sound through all the

Not the most pretty solution but it's easy to do and works. I'm not
sure why I am having this problem, I haven't read too many messages
from others with this problem. It only really presents itself when you
have a music track running across transitions and rendered to a dv-avi
format (it doesn't show up with wmv files AFAIK). Something that MS
should correct in the next version for sure.


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