If you save a movie as a DV-AVI in WMM2 and then reimport back into WMM is
there any loss of quality. I understand going from WMM back to a camera it
maintains the quality can the same be said from WMM to WMM?

Here is the why I am asking the question. When I save to DV-AVI, I am
getting some audio pops on scene changes when I use a Fade transition to go
one from one scene to another (but not every Fade transition). I checked
Papa John's site and followed his and others' suggestions about not using
MP3 for the additional audio track. So I converted the MP3 to WMA, same
result; I converted the MP3 to WAV, same audio pops. I then removed the
secondary audio track altogether and resaved as a DV-AVI and I still get the
audio pops. I checked the original footage and there are no pops in the
audio, they are only there when I save to AVI from WMM and obviously remain
there when I convert to MPEG and burn to DVD

Could the dreaded 27th frame problem be rearing its ugly head on my audio?

Also, another odd thing; I imported the AVI file, without the secondary
audio track, into a copy of Premiere Elements and I heard the "spikes" in
the audio track. Yet, when I reimport the AVI back into WMM I don't hear
the audio pops.

Any ideas or thoughts ?





I have exactly the same problem with the added audio tracks.
The scene transitions can cause hickups in the added audio tracks when you
save the movie.
My solution is to do first al the video editing and store the result as a
DV-AVI movie.
You will not lose any quality because it is still DV-AVI.
Then you can use this movie in a new project to add your audio tracks and
store this end result as a DV-AVI movie.


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