Attn Pennacle users: Need help with AV input setup.

Nov 12, 2006
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While my 4-6 pin Firewire cable is being delivered I decided to try alternate solutions to Video Capture from a camcorder.

I currently use Pennacle's Studio 9 (trial version) and I can capture Video but I have no Audio.

I am currently using an ATI All-In-Wonder AV Input Adapter Cable AIW Purple Dongle (8 pin AV input ATI converter that converts both S-Video and composite signals going into the computer). I only have the composite cable for the camcorder at the moment, though like I said I have a Firewire cable on order.

I've messed around with Studio 9's settings a bit and it has options for SB Live! wave formats but none of them seem to produce results. I have begun to wonder if the ATI-Tv Wonder card is working properly or if its configured to my system, perhaps not. I hope someone out there knows a solution to my dilemma, if not I suppose I will simply have to wait till monday or tuesday and try again using the Firewire connector. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Camcorder: JVC GR-D250U
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sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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If you're taking audio and video from your camcorder, the video will go into the computer via either the TV card (usually a phono(RCA) socket) or your video card if it has a video capture facility.

The audio will go into the line in socket of your sound card or motherboard onboard audio socket.

You will need leads to suit.

What camcorder do you have?

If it's digital and has Firewire connection capability, I'd wait until your firewire cable arrives, it will make life so much easier.

When you connect the camcorder to your computer and open Pinnacle Studio 9, the software should have no trouble recognising your camcorder and will be able to capture both audio and video via the firewire connection.

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