Applications are HANGING-UP and NOT CLOSING DOWN!


Stanford LYNX

My main hard drive C: with the OS and all my programs recently bit the dust
so I reinstalled everything on a new HD after formatting it (to a basic NTFS

I'm running Windows XP Pro with SP-2 and a 2.6MHz Pentium 4 with
Hyper-threading, 2 GIG RAM. My IE 6 began hanging-up occasionally; and
sometimes wouldn't shut down properly- I have to push the pop-up "This
program is not responding...END NOW Button" to force it to close. Sometimes
I even have to go to the Task Manager to close it down. I tried to fix it
by installing the IE 7 Beta thinking that maybe the problem was IE. But IE
7 and some other programs seem to misbehave the same way making me feel it
is either Windows or something with the hardware.

I really need some help here, I just spent a week reinstalling and
configuring. I've tried all I can think of to fix this program
hang-up/close problem, so far nothing has fixed it. The Event Viewer shows
error messages that correspond with the times and programs that are
"hanging-up" (locking-up, freezing) and not closing. Here are some of the
errors listed:

***Hanging application IEXPLORE.EXE, version 6.0.2900.2180,

hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

**Hanging application iexplore.exe, version 7.0.5346.5,

hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

*Hanging application nero.exe, version,

hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

What does the "hang address" imply? What is/where is address 0x00000000?

Please Help.



I just started having a similar problem. An application I've been running
fine for the past year suddenly crashed. Now, when I try to open it, it
displays the GUI then hangs. The event viewer shows an application hang
error category 101. Did you determine how to correct hangs?


I also am having hanging application problems. In addition to "Stanford LYNX"
I have noticed the following code after the Oxoooooooo , which are #xoood; &
Anyone have any answers?

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