Another default.htm vs index.html question



Through a series of problems (hard drive crash, reinstalls, etc.) my home
page in FP-2000 is default.htm. I added and moved up index.html in the
documents of the default web. However publishing from a external subweb to
the default web (wwwroot) now default.htm is set as the home page instead of
the desired index.html home page in the subweb. I had added and move up
index.html in the documents in IIS but when doing a recheck the index.html
was no longer listed. Not sure why at this point.

I've re-added index.html back into the IIS documents and move it to the top
of the list. I then did a file import of the index.html file from the backup
subweb on the external drive. I've taken a look at the "home page" listing in
the newgroup and KB219773 but I haven't found a similar problem I'm faceing.

I've been on the "fix it" hardware/software path for about 4-5 week so
before I @#$% thing up by trying a trail-n-error approach to the home page

What is the best way to "remove" default.htm" and making "index.html" page
as the home page for my default (localhost) web before I publish it to my ISP

Continued Thanks for all who have helped me through my recovery adventure.
Jim T.


What is the best way to "remove" default.htm" and making "index.html" page
as the home page for my default (localhost) web before I publish it to my

First make sure index.html is in the list of default pages in IIS. The
normal list of default pages in IIS includes index.htm, but does not
include index.html.

The in the website, Rename every instance of default.htm to index.html -
with the website open, right-click default.htm and choose Rename. Rename
to index.html
Repeat for every folder in the web site.



Thanks for the reply. I have added index.html to the documents in IIS. The
problem I have is the default page has some elements but not all of the
desired index.html I imported from the backup (virtual) subweb. For example
the navigator bar on the default.htm page is text links instead of buttons on
the index.html page. Also the background color is white while on the original
index.html page it is a custom color that blends with the background color of
an image on the page.

It may be easier to first make the default.htm page look like the index.html
page than it is to "delete" the default.htm page and somehow make the
imported index.html page the home page. I can easily enough change the
background color and fix the location of an image on the page; however I have
not been able to fix the home page navigation bar from text to buttons to
match the navigation bar (buttons) on the other web pages.

So the questions become:
1. Is there a way to fix the nav. bar on the home page? Currently the
properties are, child under home and the "horizontal" & "button" radio
buttons are check on as with the other web pages.


2. Is there a way to delete the default.htm (current home page) and making
the imported index.html the new home page? What the risk; having to reconnect
all of the pages in the nav. window.

Thanks Again
Jim T.


Does the default page have a theme attached? Buttons will be text unless
there is a theme attached, either to the page (best) or the link bar. If
the theme is attached to the link bar then you may have to re-apply it
since these themes do not travel well.

It may be easier just to delete the *contents* of the default page, and
copy in the contents from the imported index page (do the copy/paste in
Code view so that all the meta tags etc. are copied as well. Make a back
up of the default page first just in case there is something there that is
not in the index page.



Thanks so much!! I didn't know how to determine if the default.htm has the
theme attached (suspect not) so I followed your second paragraph and
cut-n-pasted the contents of index.html (renamed index_savset.html) in the
html view into the default.htm page. Everything looked OK so I then renamed
default.htm to index.html and again everything looks fine so I am ready
finally to publish again.

Jim T.

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