about naming homepage(default.htm or index.htm)


Tony Johansson


I'm looking in a Tutorial about FrontPage and it says something that I want
ask about. See below where I have written The Tutorial says

I'will test my home pages on windows XP Pro where I have IIS.
FrontPage created home page with name index.htm but according to the text in
the tutorial below it should be named default.htm.

Now to my question should I rename the index.htm to default htm or should I
just let it have this index.htm?

I'm using FP2000 and when I click in the Toolbar on File and then New and
then Web and then choose One Page Web as the web template the file index.htm
was created. Because I have IIS should I rename this index.htm to

The Tutorial says:
"FrontPage will automatically name home pages one of two reserved names that
you should not change unless you need to. If you are running local Web
server software such as Microsoft Personal Web Server or Internet
Information Services (IIS) on your computer, the home page will be named
Default.htm. If you do not have a local Web server installed, or when you
save a page to your local hard drive instead of a web on a Web server, the
home page will be named Index.htm.

These names are reserved for home pages because Web browsers will
automatically look for them when a site visitor types the URL to your Web
site without a specific page reference."


Tom Willett

You should name your default home page to whatever your host requires on the
remote web. Some use default.htm, some use index.htm, some use index.html,
etc. Ask them what is required, then name your default page on your local
web to the same thing. You can manually do this.

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