Annoying "there was an error found when printing the document" error!


Toby Matkins

Quick question - is there any way of disabling the error
message "there was an error found when printing the
We have upgraded our printing application to Windows 2000
SP3 in an NT4 Domain. We have scores of network printers
attached and it is not unusual for one or more to be off
line for some reason or another. The poor guy
administernig the system is going mad as he keeps getting
these errors popping up all over the screen. If he clicks
cancel, the job is cancelled which is no good, if he
clicks retry the error returns in a few minutes!
Unfortuantely he has to log onto the console to
administer the application that generates the prints. If
I can't disable the messages I may have to shoot him to
put him out of his misery ;¬)



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