"there was an error found printing the document..."


Alpine Dragon

At my home, There are 3 computers connected together via a DSL router /
4 port switch using Cat 6 cable in a 'workgroup' arrangement. 2 of the
computers are running windows 2000 and the Laptop running Windows XP
home. We have a HP 930c Ink jet printer and One of the Windows 2000
machines acting as a print server.

Periodically when a family member goes to print, the following message
will frequently appear on the Print Server workstation.


"There was an error found when printing the document <document name> to
USB001 Do You you want to retry or cancel the job"

This message will repeatedly keep appearing and disappearing every few
seconds until the job is canceled. The message can appear anytime,
during printing, even in the middle of printing, when it does, the
printing stops midway on the page. However if the problem is to occur
it mostly happens straight away when someone tries to start printing.

I made a search for this message, and there were apparently a lot of
discussion about it on various forums and newsgroups, but so far no luck
in trying to resolve this.

All computers have been fully patched, The 2 windows 2000 machines are
have SP4 and had the latest critical updates applied. The windows XP
home machine has been updated with SP2 and that too has had the latest
critical updates applied.

I've install the latest drivers for this printer on the Print server
workstation, and this has not resolved the problem.

I've thought it may be the personal firewalls (Kerio) that could be
interfering, But disabling them had no effect on the problem.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Workstation specs acting as the print server:

P4 HT 3.0GHz FSB 800
1GB 400MHz RAM
P4P800 SE Motherboard
Windows 2000 /w SP4
Kerio personal Firewall
AVG Personal Edition AntiVirus

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