ADP in Access 2007?




I just start an Access 2007 and was confused by its new ribbon and screen.
May be I will spend a little more time to be familiar with Access 2007.
Meantime, I was not sure whether Access 2007 is still supporting the
creation of ADP like previous version as I can only see an Icon for 'Create
a New Access Database' (not an ADP).

If Access 2007 does not support ADP, this mean that accessing to SQL server
only be possible thru ODBC connection.


Sylvain Lafontaine

You can create and edit a new ADP project with A2007, you just have to
choose the .adp format when creating a new database file.

Burton Roberts

It is as if they have hidden the ADP feature. Basically, you have to have
type in the .adp extension when creating a new db in order to create an adp
file. I am having a problem with Access ADP recognizing my server. When I
go to find the server using the dialog, it just wont find it. If I type it
in using MachineName\InstanceName it still wont find it. I am using Access
2007 on VISTA with SQLExpress.

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