Image control in Access 2003 adp under Access 2007...



I have an Access 2003 adp that I'm testing under Access 2007. The
application manages image files for educational testing. Images (gifs and
tifs) are stored in a directory. The database stores test questions along
with the file name of the associated image. A form to associate images with
questions uses an image control to preview the image when the user clicks the

With Access 2003, both gifs and tifs display normally. With Access 2007,
the gifs work fine, but trying to display a tif generates an error 2114,
"Acces doesn't support the format of the file <filename> or file is too
large." At first I thought it was an issue with the Access 2007 image
control or a missing graphics filter. But if I create an Access 2007 accdb
file with an image control, it will display the same file just fine. The
problem only occurs when using an Access 2003 adp under Access 2007, so I'm
thinking it has to do with memory management.

Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?

If I create a test form in a new accdb file under Access 2007, the image
control displays both gifs and tifs just fine. But if I open the Access 2003
adp file under Access 2007, it will display the gifs, but I get an error
displaying a tif.


Noticed that nobody answered.

- A couple thoughts: In previous threads on this topic there has been
simple code for displaying images in forms / reports. Using separately
stored images and path and file name stored in text field(s) You might
check for that.

- We had problems with some MS "upgrades" breaking some .tif capabilities in
some MS applications. The problem and fix was in the file extension
association for the .tif extension in Windows. Unfortunately I don't
remember the details.


Thanks for the suggestions, but I don't see how either could be responsible.
My testing process has been as follows:

1. Created a 2003 database in Access 2003 with a single form with an image
and a couple buttons. One button clears the image and the other two assign
an image filename to the image control (one a gif and the other a tif). Both
the gif and tif display properly.

2. Copied the form, created a new 2003 adp (in Access 2003), and pasted the
form. Again, both the gif and tif display properly.

3. Opened the same mdb with Access 2007, and the gif works while the tif
does not (error message below).

4. Opened the adp with Access 2007. Same thing, the gif works while the
tif does not (same error).

5. Still in Access 2007, I copied the form from the adp, created a new
accdb, and pasted the form. Both the gif and tif display properly.

In both instances (mdb and adp) the error message is #2114

"Microsoft Office Access doesn't support the format of the file
'C:\Photo.tif,' or file is too large. Try converting the file to BMP format."

Clearly the exact same code works in an accdb, but not in an mdb or adp. I
did see some other posts about Office 2007 not installing the Office Document
Imaging module by default, but I've installed that.

I am working off of two different machines so it's possible there is an
environmental cause to this. But wouldn't an environmental issue such as the
file extension association also affect the accdb? I'm not sure how to
effectively test that. I could build a pc with 2003, verify it works, then
install 2007 to see what happens. But even if I did that...if it was the
2007 install that changed the environment, I'd see the same behavior.

This seems like a good place for the Microsoft guys to jump in to determine
if this is a bug or simply a depreciated feature.


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