Adobe Acrobat version 7 Virus



This was a messsage someone posted from last year. It seemed no one
could hell him. Now that same thing is happening to me. No one knows
or if they know they refuse to say how to prevent windows installer
from running automatically. I bought ashampoo power because the ad
said it would fix the problem well it doesn't seen to have any cammand
for that. My problem is no one seems to know how to stop Adobe
Acrobat version 7 on my XP computer from installing automatically. It
seems the only thing I can do is switch to Linx or another opertating

This person had the same problem and no one could help. As for adobe
being willing to ever help anyone give me break.

Only one person tried to help. The good soul said turn off your
computer for a while. I'm sure it was good advise but it didn't work
in my case.

If fear deleating windows installer would screw up my computer even

A while back I installed Adobe Acrobat version 7 on my XP computer.
Recently I found a folder called "Adobe PDF" in the "Shared
folder, so I decided to delete it. Well, after doing that, I
double-clicked on a completely unrelated folder on my desktop and
Adobe Acrobat dialog pops up on my screen to tell me that Acrobat is
configuring itself and what not. Then the "Adobe PDF" folder shows up
again in the Shared Documents. How in the hell is this Adobe
application able to intercept me double-clicking a folder? And how do
prevent it from doing so? I did some more testing and after deleting
the "Adobe PDF" folder, any action triggers this, like double-
on any file or folder. This is very annoying. I really don't like
applications hanging out in the shadows and doing "stuff" behind my
back. Is this something related to shell explorer extensions? I
in the registry at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\, but I don't see anything


Virus? just because you dont like it doesnt mean its a virus
The 'Adobe PDF' folder in shared Documents is part of the Adobe setup. To
asertain exactly what its for perhaps ask in Adobe groups / forums


some softwares are determined
not to be uninstalled and their
bad conduct is like malware.

would i would suggest is to
uninstall version 7 via safemode.

if you can no longer use to
uninstall option, then simply
delete the program folder for

in either case with the above
you should then run a registry
cleaner to remove all registry
keys left behind by adobe:

then you should also delete the
prefetch files located in the
windows prefetch folder. specifically
deleting those named with
adobe would be ideal. however,
because of spyware, registration
nagware and other wares that piggybacked
adobe, it would be easier just to
delete all of the prefetch files.

finally, before rebooting, open
msconfig and make sure
there are startups have nothing
related to adobe.

then reboot and enjoy.


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