Adobe Acrobat 7 - no uninstal, can't install eitherl



Adobe Acrobat reader v7.08 prog is corrupt, also out of date. Attempted to
update with new version 8 (Acrobat normally updates over existing prog, but
not this time - errors, "cannot open package".)

Tried "uninstall" via Add/Remove - no joy (same error). Manually deleted
all Adobe files/folders.

I have pre-installed XP/SP2 and "recovery" disk, not a full XP system disk -
tried re-installing XP (installs as an upgrade, retaining all personal files
and progs - there's no "recovery" option).

Add/Remove Progs STILL lists Adobe Acrobat as a 64Mb prog, together with 3
updates which are noted "cannot be uninstalled". The "Adobe
folder/subfolders are empty (no "hidden" files)

From the Adobe website
I used CMD line msiexec /x (followed by all the copied/pasted product ID's
incl curly brackets).
Error - "not installed".
I've also used REGEDIT to individually identify and manually delete all the
entries for these product id's.

Can anyone provide a clue as to the stick of dynamite needed to completely
clear/unlock Adobe ? I cannot locate the "64Mb" prog listed in Add/Remove,
in Program Files. There IS an EMPTY Adobe folder, which refuses to remain

If I could, I would reformat the hdd and do a "clean" XP reinstal from
scratch (my entire hdd is fully backed up via Norton Ghost) - not an option
without a full system disk, is it?
System is fully scanned/protected, free of viruses or malware.

HELP?? Is/Are there other registry key(s) not listed by Adobe?


Would like to thank "Inspector" - see similar post 02/05/07 12.45

Windows Installer Cleaner (curiously, in Microsoft OFFICE downloads??!!)
worked absolutely fine - excellent!! Adobe - nuked.

Given the well-documented "uninstall" problems with Adobe - from another
site I gleaned even better info - FOXIT pdf reader (free, from ) does everything that Adobe currently does for
me, with various advantages - loads up faster, plus, it's only 1.54Mb
(versus 64Mb for Adobe Acrobat 7)
Loaded up and running within minutes - IMPRESSIVE !! I'll not be going back
to Adobe - too much hassle!!

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