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I have an XP Pro SP2 machine and win2k3 server. Firewall is not activated, I
can access anything on the server from my XP. From my win2k3 server, I can
ping the xpmachine, I can map a normal share but not an admin share on my XP
in spite of the fact that when I issue the following
net use \\myXP\IPC$ password ....persisitant, I succeed.
I checked localsecurity policy found "Network access Sharing nd security
model for local accounts = Guest only - local users authenticate as guest", I
switched it to classic.....local users authenticate as themselves", still can
not map any admin share and I get always logon failed on my server.
One last note I dind't reboot after changing the local security policy
Thanks for any help



Steven L Umbach

Try rebooting. It seems that some settings do not change until a reboot.


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