Address Book display problems



When I open up my address book, one of my contacts shows up two times. Under
the column 'contact e-mail' it shows his actual e-mail address under one
name, but under the second name, it shows his fax number underneath the
column 'contact e-mail' When we right-click and delete the "copy," the fax
number is deleted from the business card (address book info) of the good
contact. When we add the fax number back in, we get the original problem
again. Thanks for any suggestions!



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

So what is the problem and what is your question? By design fax numbers
appear in the address book view. Outlook considers fax numbers to be valid
electronic addresses, since there
are many client- and server-based components that can use such addresses.

One method to hide fax numbers from the address book is to prefix the fax
number with one or more letters (maybe B for business fax, H for home, O for
other). If the fax number begins with a letter, Outlook won't show it in the
address book.

There are a couple of techniques or utilities that can help you hide fax
numbers from the
address book. See: (Hide Fax Numbers)

Another way to avoid having fax numbers appear in the address book is
simply not to enter data in the fax fields. Put fax numbers in some other
(non-phone) fields.

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