Adding .PST file to Outlook 2003 - does not show any folders



Exchange 2003 crashed becasue the BadMail folder filled up. When the folder
was emptied, users got the message that Exchange was in Recovery Mode.
Googled that error message, but before I made any changes to cache and ost
files, I had the users copy all of their personal folders from the mailbox to
their own .PST files on their harddrives.

Now, the Outlook 2003 clients are not "seeing" the folders inside the .PST
files. I have tried to import the .PST files and I have also tried adding
them as a new data file. I have even uninstalled Outlook from one user,
reinstalled Outlook and then tried to add the .PST file back (both import and
adding as a data file).

I have used the ScanPST tool and it comes up clean. The tool finds 18
folders inside the PST file.

Exchange server is now functioning as new mail is being delivered to the
mailbox on the server, but all of my users are unable to get to their "old"
folders now



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