Adding network drivers to RIS


Dave Watkins


I've setup a RIS server under 2K3 Server EE and am trying to add
additional network drivers to the images. I've followed the instructions
in KB246184 (and in fact have had them working on a 2000 RIS server).

I've added updated Intel drivers to the image and restarted the services
but it is refusing to rebuild the PNF files. I've taken the somewhat
drastic step of deleting all the PNF files in the i386 directory with
the understanding that they should be rebuilt when the service restarts
but none of them are being recreated. There is an warning in Event
viewer saying that the BINLSVC service has a problem reading
netclass.inf in the Manufacturers section but looking at this file it
doesn't have a Manufacturers section (and doesn't look like it's
supposed too).

I'm trying to do this on XP Home and XP Pro images (both SP1)

Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions getting the PNF
files rebuilt so it might recognise my Intel LAN?


Dave Watkins

Sorry, my bad. The PNF files are recreated when the images it selected
from the install menu, NOT when the services are restarted

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