RIS problems - 2003 ris server



HI folks, this may be slightly off topic, since it deals with 2000 and
not Xp. However, this seems to be the only newsgroup that has any
activity in terms of RIS. If someone needs to point me to the right
group for Windows 2000 that has activity, that would be appreciated.
If someone just wants to help, that would be appreciated as well.

I am attempting to RIS Windows 2000 clients from our 2003 RIS server.
The nic is an intel pro/100m on the clones.
Continually after the message "starting windows" after boot (the text
based drivers seem to work fine up to this point) I get
"Stop error 0x000000bb (0x0000003, 0xc00000c0, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
An initilization failure occurred when trying to boot from the

Boot agent is 4+.
I have added the proper files to the i386 folder as well as to the
$oem$ folder and modified the settings in the .sif file.
I have copied the new .inf file as suggested on Intel's support
I have done the following:

with no luck.

I have tried this as well:

I have followed the following tips and tricks:

Windows XP works fine, however, we are not licensed for that OS on our
clone systems.
3com cards work fine, as do Broadcom. What with the price of NIC cards
now, it might be a good idea for me to switch to one of those, but I

This is NOT a riprep image, it is a clean installation.

I have searched google to no avail.

If it helps, our DHCP server is running windows 2000 sp4.

I have made sure that no other client on our network is using the same
IP address (I have checked our dhcp leases and made sure that any that
the boot agent has grabbed before failing have been deleted before
trying again.

Each time I try something new I am restarting the Remote Installation
services as well as the Single Instance Store Groveler, as well as
deleting the .pnf files.

I am fairly confident-- no, positive, that I have set up the drivers
correctly, as I have done it correctly with other nics, and done it
about 20 times in testing with this one.

This is driving me crazy. What am I doing wrong here? I really don't
want to have to replace the nics in these systems!

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