Adding graphic file to email



Good day all, I would like to add my business card to a mass email I need to
send out to clients. When I add the graphic to the signature file the email
goes from 5 kb to 790kb and takes forever to send. I then tried to add the
card to the email but not via the signature file but I can't get this to work
I only get the "XXX.jpg" or "XXX.gif" and not the actual logo.

I have emails from other companies who have the logo at the bottom (two
logos) and the email is very small.

I'm using Outlook 2003 and have created the logo in Corel Draw, but have
exported the file as .jpg, .tif, .gif, .png nothing works.

What can I do to get this logo into the email (preferably not via the
signature route as I would like it to be in the top right hand corner of the
email) and have the actual logo appear?

Please help!

BillR [MVP]

how are you tryign to add it to the email other than in the signature? It
should insert into html email with no problem. I don't however, think you
will get the size of the email down.
Outlook 2007 Business Cards are best suited for this requirement.

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