adding 2nd domain



I have several domains currently on my network let's say
it is,,, etc. I own the
rights to the other domain names and I would like to configure a new domain and have it on the same physical lan and
create a trust between the domains. My domain is prew2k
compliant and when you look at the drop down list of
available domains when you log on, it simply shows
microsoft, xyz & vpn not, and If I add the new domain ( to my
existing network will it cause any problems to my existing
domain ( I don't want 2 instances of
microsoft in the drop down to confuse users unless they
will be able to recognize which domain is the .com and
which one is the .net


It won't be in the same forest (none of the domains are).
I am just worried that having and
will not be distiguishable to the end users when choosing
which domain to login onto and to make sure nothing from
my production domain is lost or changed in the process. I
will then just create a trust between the domains.

Jimmy Andersson

Well, of course it can be a bit confusing for your users. But how about
teaching them to login with their UPN name instead, should be like this in
your case:

(e-mail address removed)
(e-mail address removed)


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