Network neiborhood.. Not seeing domain..


Donnie Barnes

We are a tree in our main offices Active Directory Domain
called Our Domain is called We have a
mixed environment with windows 2000 and NT domains. On
the new ABC Domain I can not see their XYZ Domain in
my "Microsoft windows network". We have a Tree Root
Transitive trust to there Domain.

In our NT Domain "imaging" I can see the Pre-Windows2000
name of witch is "Domain1" in our NT domain but
not in "Microsoft windows network" of the Windows
2000 domain. I can see it in the Directory but not
in "Microsoft windows network". Is there something I can
do to make it show up in the "Microsoft windows
network"? Makes it hard to see shares etc without it
being in the Network Neiborhood.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


Do you have NetBIOS name resolutions working properly? Either WINS or
LMHOSTS files would be helpful here. Also, make sure that they have not
disabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP.



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