ADDin not working



I have an excel sheet with some charts and statistics functions in it (which
needs the analysis toll pack 1 & 2). it was created in 2003 version and was
working fine for years. Now after installing office 2007, i am getting an
error in this sheets. it asks me to enable the analysis tool pack 1 &2. but
it is already enabled. I have enabled tool pack 1,2 and all macros, but still
its asking me to enable the ATP 1&2.
i am running this office 2007 in XP-SP3

Any solutions?
Thanks in advance

Jerry W. Lewis

Most (all?) functions that were in previous versions of ATP are native Excel
functions in 2007, and so are not duplicated in the 2007 ATP. Change the
formula so that it simply calls the function without reference to ATP and the
formula should work. If not, post back with the specific function(s) you are
trying to use.


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