add-in back to spreadsheet


Andrew McMichael

A colleague (no, seriously) here accidentally saved her spreadsheet as
an add-in. Is there any way of getting it back to spreadsheet? (Office
2000, no copy of VBasic).

Andrew McMichael

Andrew McMichael

Andrew said:
When I open it, nothing appears in the spreadsheet.

I should also add that the add-in shows a size of 29k, so there's
*something* there. But when I try to open it, Excel clearly loads
*something*, but nothing appears in the spreadsheet.


Anders S

You can use the VBA Editor to fix this.

- start Excel
- open the addin, "nothing" will happen, as you have noticed
- open the VBA editor - Alt+F11
- if not already open, open the Project Browser - Ctrl+R or View->Project
- find the addin in the Project Browser, expand it and select "ThisWorkbook"
- if not already open, open the Properties window - F4 or View->Properties
- find the IsAddin property and change it to False
- go back to Excel. The former addin is now visible. Save it as .xls and your'e

Anders Silvén
I don't have a US/English version of Excel so the menu choices may not be
excactly correct, but you will get it.

Dave Peterson

Open your addin.
Hit alt-F11 to get to the VBE (where macros live)
hit ctrl-R to show the project explorer (like windows explorer)

click on your workbook/project.
Hit the asterisk on the number keypad to view all the components
click on the "ThisWorkbook" module
hit F4 to view the properties

Scroll down until you see IsAddin. Change that to False

Back to Excel and save your workbook normally.

If you like typing:
load your addin
hit alt-f11 (back to the VBE)
hit ctrl-G to see the immediate window.

type this and hit enter:
workbooks("myaddin.xls").isaddin = false
(change myaddin.xls to your filename.)
Back to excel and save normally.

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