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The client has a dual monitor. And, we have a 3rd-party Excel Add-In that
"pushes" data into our accounting system from this excel spreadsheet with a
click of a button in the Add-Ins tab.

On one monitor, we see the Excel spreadsheet containing this data that we
"push" with this Add-In. When we successfully push, the other monitor
automatically opens a read-only version of this same spreadsheet.

We need to find a way for Excel to not produce this read-only spreadsheet on
the second monitor. You see, as we continue testing, the client is updating
the “first†spreadsheet with changes and saving. But, on the subsequent
“pushesâ€, our accounting system is pulling from the read-only sheet and is
not updating with changes being made on the first spreadsheet.

We have contacted the 3rd party about this, but they have not responded.
I'm hoping that someone out here on the newsgroups has a quick fix,
regardless of any experience with this Add-In.

Please help!




Dave Peterson

It sure sounds like choices are limited.

I would continue to contact the 3rd party to ask for help. That 3rd party may
even want you to buy updates, but you could just tell them if they don't support
the currect product (assuming it's not too old), then you'll take your business

Since you can't get at the "guts" of that addin, I think your only paths will be
to train the user to ignore that second monitor (or maybe minimize or open
another workbook that covers/hide that irritating window).

(Or simply ask the user to turn off the monitor???)

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