compare information from two spreadsheets or excel sheets



Don't know if any one can help, I am trying to find an easy way to compare
data from one spread sheet to another on Excel 2000. Every week I create a
spreadsheet and need to find out if any further items added on it.

example old spreadsheet would be called Andrews 19.04.2010 with 3 sheets 4
columns on each. The new one would be Andrews 26.04.2010 same set up again
but possibley new items on the Andrews 26.04.2010



Faraz Ahmed Qureshi

Add a fifth corresponding column on the NEW sheet and insert the following
formula in the first cell

Copy it down.

This will give u the no. of times the an identical entry is occurring in the
OldSheet. The cells with result 0 will be the ones that are new.

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