AD/NDS DirXML Problem



Hi Guys,

We have Netware 6.5 & AD running with DirXML 1.12 with the AD Remote Loader
on a DC. It was set up by a previous support team and has been running well
until last week. Now the AD remote loader can't connect to the NDS side as (I
believe) it incorrectly thinks the SSL certificate has expired - or so the
system event log seems to think.

The certificate is actually valid for another 4 years (until 12 May 2009)
but it stopped working on 12 May 2005.

Nothing else has changed so it has to be this. Has anyone else had this
issue? If so do you have a fix?

Many thanks guys (and ladies).



We did that and someone there said "The error message below has nothing to
do with the Remote Loader/Engine communication. It would appear that the AD
shim is receiving an error from AD."

The error in the dirXML loader is "ADShim::init failed (0x8007203a)"

Any clues anyone?

Thanks heaps!

In Disguise


I see.

Try this:

Fill in the fields of the Authentication tab with the following information:

Authentication ID:[email protected]
Authentication Context:LDAP://
Application password: The password of Administrator

The IP address is the IP address of the Domain Controller. The
information is case sensitive.

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