VPN EAP authentication problem


Sameh Ahmed

Hello there
Using RAS 2k as an access server.
Old policy deleted, and created new policies for only EAP authentication.
whenver a user tries to connect, he gets the below error:
error 619: a connection to the remote computer could not be established so
the port used for thuis connection was closed.
the server is a member of AD 2K domain, with 1 CA Created.
The RAS server had a certificate from this CA, but shortly after the
creation of the CA, the server hosting it crashed and we failed to restore
an old backup so a new CA with a different name was created.
The day the server certificate expired we started facing this problem.
I deleted the old certificate of the old CA, from both personal certificates
and the trusted route certification authorities and installed a new from the
new CA.
Still the same problem and the below error appears on the RAS event viewer.
The user connected to port VPN8-4 has been disconnected because the
authentication process did not complete within the required amount of time.
any ideas?

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