VPN client Access Denied Error 691 using EAP



I have a W2k 2000 SBS, and I believe I have setup the Certificate server OK
, following the planning guides "Step-by_step guide to setting up a
certificate authority".
The CA is running "Stand Alone".
The Client happily connects via VPN to the server but as soon as I try to
use EAP, I always get the "Error 691 Access Denied....".
The Client PC has both the server certificate, and a user certificate, and
the user certificate can be selected when attempting to make the EAP VPN

Q. When requesting the User Certificate, is there a specific format required
in the NAME.
ie the server domain is defined as smallbusiness.local
Should the name be "username", or "(e-mail address removed)", or does it
not matter.

I have tried may different certificate formats in terms of 512/1024 bits,
followed KB 259880, but I just can't get any further forwards.

I would really appreciate some guidance.
Thanks in advance

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