CMAK profile for VPN using PPTP/EAP

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Alessandro Loesch Jannuzzi


I am trying to create a CM profile using the CMAK Wizard for a VPN
configured to use PPTP and digital certificates for user
authentication. (Win2k and XP clients)
The wizard runs ok, but I am quite confused by some issues:

- Even if I configue the VPN settings to use Advanced Security and EAP
I always get username/password fields after installing the profile.
The certificates are installed correctly on the host and works
perfectly if I create the VPN connection without CM.

- Can I just leave the dial up configuration empty if I am not suposed
to offer this connection ?

I would really appreaciate some help.

Thanks !

Alessandro L. Jannuzzi
(e-mail address removed)

David Beder [MSFT]

It's been a long time since I worked with CMAK but there are advanced
settings that let you tell the CM UI to not display the fields you don't
want to use. Take a look through the help document in something like "phase
2 customization settings" in the "connection manager" section. Your looking
for something like DisplayUsername. On one of the last pages of the wizard
there's a catch-all pane to let you type in these settings and the required

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