Win 2k CMAK vpn connectiod routing



I noticed that the 2003 server CMAK implementation will
you check 'Use the local subnet' when building a VPN
connectiod. Has anyone found a way to make this work from
Windows 2000's version of CMAK? So I can build a
connectiod that allows the user to VPN in but use their
connection for any internet bound traffic.

Or furthermore can I install Windows 2003's version of
on a 2000 machine, and use it to build my connctioid? Any
help is greatly appreciated.

Also one other thing, I have been able to make my
connectoid mount a public share upon connecting using 'net
use'. Does anyone have any idea how I could use 'net use'
to mount a share using the %USERNAME% variable for each
user? I want it to mount the shares upon connecting.

Thanks for any information you can provide.




have you had any luck finding out if you can use win2003 CMAK on win2k? I am
having problems with the connectoid I created with our new firewall. The old
win2k CMAK just doesn't give you enough options.


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