CMAK DNS Suffix help



I've created a connection profile using the version of CMAK from Windows 2003
Server Adminpak. In Advanced Settings I set the value for DNSSuffix. When I
install the connection profile on a WinXP box it connects with no issues.
However when I try to type in server name it won't resolve unless I use
FQDN. Ipcongig /all shows nothing set in Connection Specific DNS Suffix for
PPP/SLIP Adapter. When I check the CMS(?) file I see that the value for
DNSSuffix is set in that file. I've looked for alternative solutions (such as
including a script to run after the connection is made) but have been
unsuccessful. Does anybody have any ideas?

Rama Krishna Prasad [MS]

Hi, under which section are you trying to set the DNSSuffix under? If yours
is a VPN connection, you should be setting DNSSuffix key to the required
value under [TCP/IP&EntryName Tunnel] section and if yours is a dialup
profile, it should go under [TCP/IP&EntryName]. Also, note that you can have
multiple destinations configured for a CM profile and each with a different
security setting. You will need to put the key under the right section.

If that doesn't work for you, then check if you are able to get this setting
working through any other connection, like LAN. If that is not working
either, then it is not a CM issue.

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