accessing a WIN2K PC from a WIN98



I am sharing this local (LPT1) attached printer on a PC
with WIN2K and I am attempting to access it to install as
a network printer on a WIN98 PC. I attempted through a
workgroup environment as well as a domain environment.
The results are all the same. I get this window on the
WIN98 PC like this...

\\WS1\IPC$ then asking for a password.

Please assist / explain.


The user name and password you use to logon to Win98 needs
to be a username and password that exits on the Win2k
box. If it is not already there you need to create it by
on the W2k box.

JR K Yoshikawa

you need create win98 pc's account on windows 2000 pc.
make user on windows 2000, with same username and same password as windows98 pc


Ok then. Since you can see the resource on your network,
the user name and password you are supplying from the
client(win 98) to the print server(w2k) must not have the
proper permissions for the network printer. Rt click on
the shared printer and check the the security tab. Either
the everyone group or the client username(win 98) needs to
exist there. Also do you have a firewall operating on the
W2k box? It could interfere with the ports required for
communication. If that is not it, here is the process in

1. Physically connect network cables.
2. Create the lan using the same workgroup name on all
the peer to peer computers.
3. Create appropriate IP numbers on each machine.
4. Turn on file and printer sharing.
5. Share a printer.
6. Create usernames and passwords for logon and access to
the shared resource.
7. Logon from the client with a username and password
that has permission to use the shared resource.
8. Assuming you did and double checked steps 1 to 7 call
someone like me to come and trouble shoot the problem.
Good Luck,

JR K Yoshikawa

Is you PC connected peer to peer?
like : Win98 - Hub - Win2000
is this right?
or both of PC are part of domain or Workgroup?

Can you make your Windows 2000 PC has share folder other than C$.
also check in you windows 2000 printer's prpoerties >
Security check marked print on everyone.


I think that you also have to install the NETBEUI communication protocol on
both machines


Installation of NETBEUI protocol is not required in a W2k
network. TCP/IP is the preferred protocol to use.


the printer on the win2K box was shared by the admin ?

when the win98 box is booting is it set to auto logon or do
you have to actually log on using the specific username -
point here is to be sure that you are actually connecting to
the network.

The printer is actually setup as a shared printer ?


"(e-mail address removed)"


I had this pb of accessing win2k pc from win98se boxes. I solved it by
activating the "guest" account on the win2k pc.

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