Access 2007 Developer Ext Install Problem



I have an installation of Office 2003 including Access 2003.
I installed an Access 2007 UPDATE version and everything is A OK.
I installed the Access 2007 Developer Extensions but the Developer Options
DO NOY SHOW in the Access 2007 Office Button Menu.

On a previous install (different system) with the FULL Office 2007 install
and the Developer Ext the Developer option DOES show up under the Office
button menu.

What am I doing weong?

Any help appreciated.


Allen Browne

Ray, I will be interested to hear what others say, but I think the option
gets destroyed off the Access 2007 by the reinstall process.

Each time you switch back to an older version, and to A2007 again, you see
the "Please wait: reinstalling." After that, the option disappears.


Thanks Allen,

I was able to resolve the issue by re-enabling the add in on the Access
Options button.

However I have found another "quirk" in the Packager.

Even though I select DESKTOP and START MENU for the program shortcut
install, it only goes onto the Start Menu and NOT on the desktop.

Do I have to create a manual registry key to get the shortcut on the desktop?

Thanks for any help.


Allen Browne

Excellent, Ray.

For anyone else who's searching for the solution Ray mentioned, see:

I don't have a solution for the missing packager shortcut.

(I'm not using the runtime until MS releases the service pack, because the
runtime is currently incompatible with A2007 SP1.)

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