Access 2007 creating copies of access 2000 mdb?



We have a mixed version envirionment. Two users of shared Access 2000
database recently upgraded to 2007. Since then we experience two instances
of database corruption. All reports and forms go MISSING.

Also - I frequently find 'copies' of the database, named database1.mdb,
database2.mdb, etc.

Could 2007 be the culprit?



I believe that if your development of the database is always done in the
earliest/oldest version.

& you split the db to frontend & backend....and have a front end on each

that some of the users open their front end with 07 will not be a problem.....

a a r o n . k e m p f

Access Databases are the culprit!

You don't need to compact and repair.
You don't need to deal with linked table BS.

Just upsize, kid


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