mdb format and Access 2007



I opened my FE mdb database (2000-2003) using Access 2007. Tried to make a
form with buttons that open other forms. The buttons to not run. I did
the same test with the mdb converted to accdb format and the buttons do open
forms as expected. Any idea why I loose some design change abilities while
using the .mdb format in Access 2007? I'm not ready to convert the database
to .accdb yet and would like to continue use of the .mdb for a while longer.

Douglas J. Steele

Is the MDB file in the same folder as the ACCDB file? If not, is the folder
where the MDB file is set up as a Trusted Location?



Thank you for the reply.

Yes, I have the converted accdb in the same folder but renamed the file.
Is this still a problem? I'll create and move the accdb to another
location. Also, how do I verify and set up the Trusted location?


Douglas J. Steele

The name shouldn't matter, just the folder location.

To trust your folder, click:

a.. Office Button (top left)
b.. Access Options (bottom of dialog)
c.. Trust Center (left)
d.. Trust Center Settings (button)
e.. Trusted Locations (left)
f.. Add new location (button)

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