Absolute fix for urlmon.dll error



Here is what I did to replace the urlmon.dll file.
I did a search of my Windows folder using Windows Search in the start
menu and found every file named urlmon.dll.
When you do an update for Windows it backs up the old files and when
you do a search you can find all of them.
Make sure you use advanced options for your search such as subfolders
and hidden files.
To make the search faster browse to just the Windows folder instead of
searching your whole hard drive (all the files you need will be in
Once Search has found all the urlmon.dll files look through them by
right clicking on them and going to properties.
Click on the Version Tab and locate which version of each file is.

(6.0.2900.5659) This is the culpret that is causing the crashes. Make
sure this file is the one that is in your Windows/System32 folder

Continue checking the properties for each fille until you find the one
with this version number (6.0.2900.2180)

Now Windows is going to throw up all kinds of warning messages if you
try to copy and replace the bad file with the older file.

Here is what I found that will replace the files without all the
warning messages.


This program is super easy to use and very small.

Once you open it, it will be a CMD window.

First you drag the file with version number 6.0.2900.5659 into it and
hit enter.
Then you drag the file with version number 6.0.2900.2180 into it and
hit enter.
When it asks you to confirn type in Y and hit enter.
Now all you have to do is reboot.

I did a search for urlmon.dll after I rebooted and checked the
properties for the urlmon.dll that was in my System32 folder and sure
enough it replaced it with the older one.

I have since checked the webpages that were making IE crash and I
cannot get it to repeat the same crashes at all anymore.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

Horse hockey! A hijackware infection's causing those errors, not the
URLMON.DLL version!

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