ie6 error urlmon.dll

Discussion in 'Windows XP Internet Explorer' started by Jay, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Jay

    Jay Guest

    I recently started to have problems with certain sites and
    or downloads. For example I can get to the Google Search
    page, but if you type your search and hit enter the
    following appears. iexplorer has performed an illegal
    operation. click ok and a second box appears stating: an
    error has ocurred in in IE. IE will close.

    The detail data from the first error box is: urlmon.dll

    This is driving me crazy!! any help would be greatly

    Jay, Jul 6, 2003
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  2. Jay

    siljaline Guest



    "Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game
    because they almost always turn out to be -- or to be indistinguishable from
    -- self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time."
    - Neil Stephenson, _Cryptonomicon_
    siljaline, Jul 7, 2003
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  3. Jay

    H Leboeuf Guest

    Recently this bad BHO has been known to cause this type of errors.
    BHO called T3
    Uses this .dll file

    Can be deactivated with this utility. Not sure if the other removal tools
    are up do date on this one.

    BHOCaptor lets you control the Internet Explorer Browser Helper Objects
    (BHOs) that are installed on your system. It makes it easy to see what BHO's
    are installed and to de-activate them.
    H Leboeuf, Jul 7, 2003
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