A problem with mapping network drives with a login script.



A problem with mapping network drives with a login script.

First the Computer and network Specs.

Client Computers.

Computer: Dell OptiPlex GX270
Using Integrated NIC on Motherboard
O/S: Windows XP Pro SP 1a


The network is a MS Windows Server 2000 Active Directory Domain.

Network Drive Mapping Setup.

The network Drives are mapped to each user at login using a login script in
AD. We Map Three Drives to each user. 1) A general Use drive, 2) a
Departmental Use drive, and 3) a Personal Drive. A fourth drive is mapped on
some computers with a script in the computers startup folder.

The Problem:

At first glance it looks as though Windows does not allow enough time for
all the drives to map to the network, and that could simply be the case.
Most of the time all the drives show up, just with a RED X on them and the
warring that the drives did not connect. This is usually fixed by simply
waiting for a few minutes before trying to use them and they will work just
fine. The main problem however is that some times the drives will not even
show up with out severely restarts and login attempts by the user. This is a
fairly bad problem for us as we are a College and users are the faculty
members trying save items to a network drive in there office to use in class
or from class to there office only to find they can not do it.

Any help to the problem anyone can give would be greatly appreciated;
however, an explanation as to what is happing or causing this would be even

Thank You for any help you can render to us



I'm having the same problem. We are using Dell GX260/270/280 PC's primarily.

Windows 2003 Server AD, well maintained, etc.. High quality switching
equipment, running 100/full or 10/full.

We deploy a vbs login script to map several drives to different network
resources. Every once in a while users will log on and none of the drives
mapped via the vbscript will show up in the My Computer listing. However, if
you go to Windows explorer, and type in the drive letter(s) directly in the
address field, it comes up. You can browse, open files, etc.. I don't think
I've tried copying. It seems to happen on a regular basis if you run windows
updates or install new software, then reboot and log in - no drives. Log out,
log back in again, and they show up.

We have had issues with PC's not finding the domain or extreme slowness, and
have hard set the NIC and switch to the same speed to resolve them. However,
this seems to occur even if the settings are hard set. Although I can't
report requiring multiple reboots or login's to restore the drives (All our
PC's have hard set NIC speed now). Every time it's only been one logout/login
and they're back.

Another interesting aspect of this is we have a global drive that is
available for every user, we map this via the homedrive setting on the users
AD profile. That drive always maps, even when the vbscript drives are not
showing up.

I would really like to know why it's doing this, although for us it's mostly
an annoyance at this point. Hopefully some of the information I gave might
help you.

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