Mapped drive keeps disconnecting?

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Sage -John D Leonard

Is it because one computer is a member of the domain and the other is just
on a work group that is sharing a folder?

Both computers are using XP Professional. the domain user is mapping to a
shared folder on the work group computer. Each time the domain user logs off
it looses the connection to the network drive (mapped drive)?

I have the domain user mapped to the drive with the options to logon as
someone else and to reconnect at logon.

I have to manually disconnect the network drive and re-map a drive to the
workgroup shared folder. Once I do all is ok until the next time the domain
user logs off???

thx ahead

Rob T.

I am having the same exact issue. I did the registry hack to add time to the
autodisconnect and also the command "net config server" and still will not
stay connected.
I created a job that runs every few minute to copy files from that PC's
mapped drive but when disconnected it will not reconnect.

I am to the point that it is a Windows Server R2 issue.

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